Monitoring cameras for the Horses 🐎 - Farmstream

Monitoring cameras for the Horses 🐎

The Farmstream Camera offers the opportunity to keep a close eye on your ponies and horses’ day and night. Available in either a WiFi or 4G version and with the option of connecting to a 12V leisure battery, there is a really good chance that Farmstream will be able to offer a solution to fit your situation.

A couple of customers who feel they have really benefited have been kind enough to share their thoughts and provide a few of pictures of their horses and setup.

From Kirsty Wright who uses a Farmstream 360 and WiFi Static cameras plugged into mains to keep an eye on her horse:

‘We installed out Farmstream system in August and I can honestly say it has been brilliant. Our stable yard setup is two miles from our home and it is so nice to be able to see our animals from our home. We use the Farmstream 4G 360 Camera to cover our fields and a lone stable which has our goats in, and I can even see our chickens in their run as the picture is so good, even on zoom. The high definition is really clear. We also run two WiFi Static Cameras off the 4G 360 so we can see the inside and outside of our stable block. I have installed SD cards to store recorded footage just in case we have a security issue so I can look back at the footage.

The Farmstream cameras mean I can get up in the morning, have a coffee and check the animals are all okay. Our daughter recently left to go to university, and it is lovely that she can also check her horse from her halls of residence using her mobile phone. It is excellent to be able to see if the animals are okay in inclement weather and also, I like checking them in the evening before going to bed. It is so nice to have peace of mind that our animals are safe and that we can check on them wherever we are. I also really like that the 4G 360 offers WiFi on the yard which is an added bonus.

I cannot recommend Farmstream highlight enough, from speaking to Louise originally right the way through. Everyone at Farmstream has been really helpful and it is a very easy process to setup.’

From Aimee Cumming who uses a 4G 360 camera mounted on a pole to keep an eye on her ponies:

‘I ordered my first camera a few months ago and Farmstead has been fantastic. A fault did develop where the motion detection alarm started playing every few minutes however, Farmstream were on hand to help. Sadly, it had to be replaced, but it was quick and professional, and I was talked through the process. Farmstream were also excellent by helping answer any questions I had even before my purchase. I would defiantly recommend them if looking for CCTV. I especially love that I can watch my ponies from home when I am not up and check up on them whenever and alerts are sent to my phone. I couldn't recommend them enough.’


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