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  • Peace of mind

    With a livestock monitoring camera, you can keep an eye on your animals via a free app on your mobile phone. This lets you can check in on livestock from the comfort of your home and reduces the number of visits needed to the calving shed in the middle of the night.

  • Early detection

    The camera’s ability to monitor animals in real-time means you can quickly identify potential issues and act early. Being able to identify issues early reduces complications and ultimately results in better outcomes.

  • Financial protection

    Livestock can be a significant investment in terms of time
    and financial cost. A livestock monitoring camera can help minimise losses from complications, as early detection improves outcomes which translates to increased profit too!

Improve your work life!

With a livestock monitoring camera you can check in wherever you are, reducing the time needed for physical monitoring. This helps free up time to spend on other farm-related tasks or simply lets you have a cup of tea in peace! 

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Our Farmstream 360 Camera meets and exceeds some of the grant specifications for livestock cameras. Have a look and see what grant schemes are currently available below!

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