Farmstream: For use as a self-install CCTV system. - Farmstream

Farmstream: For use as a self-install CCTV system.

One of our customers recently got in touch following an incident at their local sailing club where a Farmstream Camera was able to deter an unwanted intruder using the audio alarm function and record the incident. The same customer was kind to share the captured footage with us and write the following review of the alarm system settings they have in place, what they really like and what they think could be improved. We hope the below information will help customers considering Farmstream as a CCTV solution come to a decision on whether or not our cameras could be right for them.

‘The flexibility of the alarm setting is great. I have the humanoid shape alarm active as it stops foxes triggering the alarm and getting frights. I do not use the sound level alarm as it can get quite windy in the spot the camera is placed.

I have the humanoid alarm set to on from midnight until 0600 so it can catch any intruders but does not trigger when the public walk past on a local footpath during the day. The fact that the camera can be set to emit a sound (I use the siren and not the dog barking) is extremely useful as you can see (video below). The only issue I have had is rain and wind from the east, as the camera sometimes picks up raindrop distortion as humanoid shapes. Although the alarm sounds very loud on the recording, it is relatively quiet and so false triggers are not too disturbing however, the ability to plug into a separate speaker or louder output would be useful.

I also have the alarm setup to send a notification when it is triggered but unfortunately, I did sleep through this one and only saw the alert on the phone in the morning. However, as I have the recorded footage, the sailing club are going to report it as a crime to the police as we have lost racing marks and floats through vandalism in the past. The sailing club will also be actioning a second Farmstream Camera for the lamp post shown in the right of the captured footage to further cover the area out of reach of the rest of the club’s CCTV.’

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